The process that we follow is very thorough in that it removes all insect nests, cobwebs, mould and dust. Dependant on the job at hand, we make use of industrial vacuum or blower to remove all loose particles and impediments. The vacuum machine is very effective in removing dirt up to 2 inches deep in the thatch ceiling.

Once all this has been removed we spray the chemical into the ceiling ensuring that it soaks into the grass. Then a period of time is allowed for the chemical to dry and we then finish off with a sanitizing spray on the grass which will not only leave your roof safe from insects but smelling clean and fresh.

The process is quick and efficient and once the pest control and sanitation is completed, the room is safe to enter immediately, thereby ensuring that your room is available for guests.

We advise that this procedure be carried out once every 12 months to stay ahead of infestations and ensuring permanent hygienically cleaned thatch ceilings. Pest control is guaranteed for 12 months. Should infestation return within a 12 month cycle, we will return and service at no extra charge.

This shows some of the dirt which has been removed from thatching and poles indoors