As thatch grass is a natural material it is subject to the natural environments and this includes the pests that seek refuge in the cool temperatures of a thatch roof. Due to the nature of a thatch roof it will attract thatch lice, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, moths, beetles and mites, furthermore, these insects are at the bottom of the food chain and they will most certainly also attract spiders, geckos, scorpions, centipede, rodents, bats, birds and snakes.

The chemical that we use to eradicate these pests is specific to grass borne insects and insect infestation. The chemical is of food grade which is therefore safe to humans and animals alike.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Bats, Rats, Mice, Squirrels

The Ultrasonic Pest repeller effectively changes the internal living environment of bats, rats, mice and other common pests. It is an effective, safe and risk-free way to get rid of unwanted household pests from within your home. The Ultrasonic Pest repeller can be used in any location as the sturdy detachable bracket of the device allows for multi-angle settings to obtain the most effective results.

The Ultrasonic Pest repeller provides a safe (no need for dangerous poisons), clean (no more toxic chemicals) and risk-free (harmless to humans and normal pets) method to deter household pests from your property without being harmed. Pests affected include: bats, cockroaches, ice, rats, squirrels.

Adding to our unique product offering and to support the eradication of pests, Thatchvac Spray undertook the task of researching a cost effective and safe manner in which to remove unwanted pests from problem areas. Through the many years in the thatching industry we have noticed the prevalent need for the removal of pests. A thatch roof or ceiling provides a perfect habitat for these pests to hibernate and breed, they are safe from the elements and find sufficient food with the insects which are also attracted to the thatch.

Not only can these pests be a nuisance but they bring with them parasites and they defecate over furniture, bedding, kitchen counters and destroy consumables and linen. Rats and mice are also known to chew away at electrical wiring, creating further issues for the owner with faulty electrics and fire hazards. An area that has been infested with these pests can be very unhygienic and left with a foul smelling odour. This can particularly be an issue in the hospitality industry as the rooms continuously require cleaning and it would result in unsatisfied guests.

Through our endeavors of providing an all-round service to the industry, Thatchvac Spray have acquired the agency for an ultrasonic device that is highly effective and proven for the removal of these pests. This device works on 220v supply and is installed once the cleaning and application of pesticide is completed. We have found it critically important that the first step in the process is for the area to be cleaned and the chemical applied, thereby removing the food source and foul smells. Once the cleaning is complete, the device is installed providing a long term solution for the eradication of these pests.